I just finished the NWS conference call, and even tho it was a short call a lot was said in just a few minutes.

The main thing that the NWS said was that everything is possible today when it comes to this afternoon/evening’s storms. In turn that doesn’t mean everything will happen, but that it is possible for there to be any kind of threat today.

They are also releasing another weather balloon at 12:30pm as an extra balloon to see the changes in the atmosphere before the rain gets into our area.

This is the SPC Outlook for today. Most of Middle Tennessee, including Rutherford County, is included in the Enhanced risk area for today.


This next is the SPC outlook for Hail Risk today. Note the hatched area. That area is at the greatest risk for hail today, but that doesn’t mean the other areas aren’t at risk.


This next SPC outlook is for the Tornado Risk for today. Rutherford County -is- included in the 10% area and the hatched area is also in the 10% area. The NWS stated that this is a likely area for tornadoes, so PLEASE make sure you have a plan in place if there is a warning for your area today/tonight.


And finally, the SPC outlook for Strong Winds. For the ones who follow me, they saw a picture earlier of a huge branch that fell from my huge tree in my back yard and hit my son’s place set about 9am this morning. There is still a risk for strong winds as this next round of storms moves into the area this afternoon/evening.



Tomorrow is going to be the first storm of March. There is a line of storms that is developing right now in the Midwest that is going to impact our area tomorrow afternoon/evening. There is a possibility of damaging winds, hail, and local flooding in normal areas.

The SPC has put our area in the SLIGHT RISK category for tomorrow’s event. Here is the Regional and National views.

Here is a look at the latest HRRR run for our area. Looks like some storms could pop up ahead of the line as it moves into the area tomorrow. IMG_2999

Lastly, here is a look at the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Also, a look at the forecast for the week. IMG_3001

Here is the Forecasts for the rest of the week. Looks like we could have another great weekend. JUST REMEMBER this is subject to change as the week wears on.FullSizeRender