Right now in the area, we are seeing rain, and as the night wears on, more rain will move into the Midstate. This system is going to have some cold air on the back end of it which will cause our nice ‘spring like’ temps to be at and below freezing again. On top of that we could possible see some flakes flying as this system pushes through the Midstate. IMG_2844-1

Tomorrow the high temp will be around midnight. We will see one of those “the temp is going to go down as the day wears on” type of days. As this system pushes through the area the winds will shift from the Southwest, then out of the West, and finally out of the North which is what is going to give us our cold temps again.


I have also included an HRRR outlook of the system pushing through the area. It ends at 8am in the morning, but you can clearly see the rain/snow change over coming from West to East. IMG_2843


So, there is another cold front pushing through the Midstate this evening. IMG_2789

Here is a current HRRR outlook through the morning.


And here is a look at the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.


As this cold front pushes through the area overnight, the winds will shift out of the South from the North and cause us to not be as warm and fuzzy like we have been these past few days. It doesn’t look like we will see the amazing 60’s temps we saw this past week, this coming up week. Bummer. We will have another cold front push through the Midstate area again later on in the week, and there is a possibility of some thunderstorms with that system, that will cause us to have another cold air shock to our system.

In other news. SWAD2016 this weekend! I am so excited! Also, in good amazing NWS fashion, the week after SWAD is Severe Weather Awareness Week! Each day has something new to discuss! I am so excited to participate in this!  http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ohx/?n=swaw2016

So there looks to be a warmer, dare I say, a spring-like weekend ahead for us?! We are going to see temps in the 60’s. Yes THE 60’S by Friday!  

Now before everyone gets so excited they start packing up their winter clothes….hold that thought. We have one more night of below freezing temps before this “heatwave” kicks in.  

Also, here is a look at the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. There is a chance we could possibly see some freezing fog tonight as the temps dip below freezing and fog possibly forms. Bridges and overpasses (the most likely places) will see this first.  


What is that? Hark, the rain is coming to an end this evening! HRRR

Here is a look at the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.


And, here is a look at the forecast for the rest of the week. LOOK AT THAT WEEKEND! There will be some grilling going on this weekend!


Here is the latest HRRR outlook. As the rain ends tonight, tomorrow we will have another round of rain that will come through the area. So, make sure you bring the umbrella anyway even if you think the rain is over.

HRRR 2-16

Well looks like we could see some rain. Here is a look at the latest radar image showing the rain is slowly coming to a end within the next couple of hours 

 And once you thought the rain was over…

The latest HRRR outlook shows more rain coming in tomorrow. (Which I will include in a separate tweet due to I can’t figure out how to add gifs and get them to work…)

Here is a look at the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. 

As always with long periods of rain we could see some localized flooding in low lying areas and round creeks and streams. Remember if you see any flooding to send a tweet to the NWS via Twitter using the hashtag #tSpotter with your location and a safely taken picture if possible. 

Here is a look at the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  

A chance of showers tonight as this system moves into the area. Behind this system is some cold air, which is why the potential for some snow.  

 The forecast has the temps not teaching freezing on Tuesday, which means if there is any accumulation it likely won’t melt.  

 We are still being forecasted for only .2 inches of snow. That is two tenths of an inch of now. Mainly, a dusting. 

Now. I am putting the latest run of the HRRR on here, if it doesn’t gif like its suppose to I am also posting it onto my Twitter where I know they work 🙂