Before I start. This post will be more of a memorial with some little technical terms of the now nicknamed “Good Friday” tornado. 

9 years ago today was Good Friday. April 10, 2009. 4 years ago myself and a colleague @RuthSevereWx did a 5-year anniversary retrospective (found here) and how much things have changed.

There were 3 tornadoes that touched down on Apil 10th, 2009, but the most memorable was the EF-4 tornado. The now nicknamed “Good Friday Tornado.” caused millions of dollars in damage and caused loss of life. Everyone who lived here in Rutherford County at that time has their own version of the story, including me, but they all end the same. So many people in the community came out to help with the cleanup efforts to help people get over this phase of their lives, and for some, even starting over.

The one thing that has always surprised me is that you can -still- see the damage on the trees on John Rice Blvd next to the interstate across from the hotels on Medical Center. The picture may not seem like a lot, but there was taller trees and such here. This is where the tornado passed over the interstate. Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.57.30 AM

I love how the news was very instinctive with this tornado. Here is a link to News 2 using a webcam to track to the tornado as it crossed over the interstate. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was on the other side of the bridge at Medical Center Parkway on I-24 as the tornado cross over the interstate. What I experienced was torrential rain, heavy hail, and crazy winds. 


Here is a track of the tornado path. When this tornado hit, people thought it was an EF-2 maybe an EF-3. It wasn’t until the good folks at the NWS had determined that it was, in fact, an EF-4. The tornado had maximum estimated winds of 170mph. The path of this tornado was 23.25 miles long. What made this tornado so damaging is that it was a multi-vortices tornado (the act of multiple circulations rotating around, inside of, and as part of the main vortex). I’ll never forget the look on my moms face when she saw the damage off Thompson Lane, where tractor-trailer trailers are stored,  where thrown around. As my mom put it “it looks like a child came through and threw a temper tantrum.”

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 9.04.28 AM

This next part of the blog is going to be dedicated to the 2 who lost their lives 9 years ago today. Kori Bryant, and her 9-week old baby Olivia, both lost their lives on April 10th, 2009. Kori was a cultural arts assistant and a mother. The Murfreesboro Post sites “She taught art classes and helped with summer camps and theater programs. She also worked at Project Go as a program leader.” It’s said that Kori had Olivia in her car seat and that she was caught by the tornadic winds, which tragically took both of their lives. To this day there is a memorial on the property of where the home once stood. Every time I drive by this spot I say a silent prayer for the family of these 2. Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.54.45 AM

Below are more photos of the tornado damage.


Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed this little bit of history for our county.